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Spring Cleaning Tips

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The annual spring cleaning. The weather is warming up and it’s a sign to freshen up your home for the upcoming seasons.

Not sure where to start? Read on to find tips to make your spring cleaning easy and effective.

Clean Room-By-Room

This is a great approach to make sure you’re not forgetting to clean other parts of the house. Create a checklist to the areas in each room that need an extra deep clean since they’ve been neglected during the winter. The areas that have been cleaned recently can be skipped.

Clear the Clutter

Get rid of the things that are not needed and get organized. Follow a process and create piles for the things that are going to trash, going to be given away, or stored.

Now is also a great time to have a garage sale or donate the items that are not needed.

Seasonal Chores

Patios, grills, and windows that have been ignored during the winter, need special attention now.

Remove the excess grease from the grill and scrape off anything that has been leftover. Clean sliding doors and make sure to wipe down both sides of the window. Spray down patio furniture and use a handheld vacuum for any chair cushions.

Ask for Some Help

The more people that help, the faster it gets done.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Minimal

Stores offer so many cleaning supplies but there is no need to get all of it. Keeping it minimal will help you feel less overwhelmed and you don’t have to clean up so much afterward. Stick to a good all-purpose cleaner and microfiber cloths.

Establish Cleaning habits

On-going cleaning habits can make the next spring cleaning easier. Clean up routines practiced every few days and quick chores can keep your home tidy for the most part.

Follow these tips to make it an easy spring cleaning every year!

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